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Category 1 finishes are the most transparent. They allow the most natural look of the wood to show through. Even with their transparency, they still provide a base level of CLEAR UV protection.

Wood Life Extender 11024

This unique penetrating clear wood stabilizer has been developed to prolong the life of wood and wood products. It is designed to retard warping, swelling, shrinking, and checking of unfinished woods. It resists mildew and other fungi and repels moisture. It is able to be finished with any stain or paint.

100% Acrylic Latex Clear Topcoat 11550

This 100% acrylic latex clear topcoat can be used alone, or in conjunction with Category 2 & 3 Storm System stains. This premium formula is the ideal clear finish designed to protect the beauty and longevity of wood finishes derived from Category 2 & 3 products, and can also be used as a maintenance coat to refresh the look after surfaces weather. 100% Acrylic Topcoat resists mildew, cracking and repels moisture. This clear protective coating is environmentally friendly featuring low VOC content.

Dual Dispersion Clear Finish 11540

Dual Dispersion technology offers one-coat application blending the best features of traditional oil based finishes and Acrylic paints. This natural clear finish for wood has excellent flow, leveling and durability of oil based paint and the fast dry time and soap and water clean-up of latex paint. Dual Dispersion Clear Finish resists cracking, peeling blistering and moisture. It is environmentally friendly and low VOC.

Natural Oil Finish 10040

This one-coat clear deck finish and waterproof sealer provides maximum protection to exterior wood decks and surfaces exposed to water, ultraviolet rays and general atmospheric contamination including acid rain. Storm System Natural Oil Finish resists cracking, peeling and blistering and can be used on new or previously stained wood.

Waterproofer 11020

A transparent sealer that penetrates the surface of dry, porous wood surfaces to help prevent moisture penetration and water damage. Storm System Waterproofer dries clear and allows the surface to age naturally. This product will protect against salt water. For new construction, prevent weathering and water damage by applying Storm System Waterproofer immediately after installation.


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