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Category 3 is the semi-solid finish category. These finishes provide color that is a bit more opaque, yet still allows the natural character of the wood to show through. A MODERATE level of UV protection comes from additional pigmentation.

Alkyd Linseed Oil Finish 34095

An extremely hard-working Alkyd Linseed Oil Finish, this impressive finish combines a beautiful stained look with long-lasting durability. Reinforced for maximum durability, Alkyd Linseed Oil Finish is perfect for decks, railings, furniture and many other exterior surfaces that will be exposed to increased traffic and wear.

Dual Dispersion Semi-Solid Clear Base 34595

We formulated this premium low VOC Dual Dispersion Semi-Solid Clear Base for wood surfaces to enhance looks while protecting from the weather and moisture inherent in an exterior environment. Able to be tinted to match a beautiful array of colors, this Semi-Solid look has the excellent flow, leveling, and durability of an oil-based paint yet features the fast dry time and soap and water clean-up of latex paint. Our Dual Dispersion Semi-Solid Clear Base resists cracking, peeling blistering and moisture.

*Depending on the type, age, condition, weather and traffic to which the substrate is exposed.


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